Our first year in review - Part I (June-Sept 2006)

May 2006 - lots of farewells. It was very hard to leave what had been my "home" and "family" for 12 years! Good Ole CCOB!

Then there was saying Good bye to our Louisiana family. There are too many to get them all in here, but at least here is a sampling!Uncle Mickey and Aunt Jeanie

Boating with Eric and Linda

Laddie and Faie

Alida, Eddie, Paul and Camille

Eric and Linda above, and again below with Shelley and loads of Crawfish!

Then we take off for Angola on May 29th 2006 and go to work at a place called Cavango that had been destroyed during the war. We were to help get a clinic restarted. We camped there for three months and enjoyed every minute of our time there.

June 2006 - Leaving Namibia, heading for Angola!

The road to Cavango - Average speed 15 miles per hour!!
My Dad, Dr Bob Foster, built the original hospital that was destroyed in the war. So it was his special privilege at 82, to head up the reconstruction project for 6 weeks.
Our campsite - pretty luxurios and convenient!!

Our throne room!

Our hot water heater

Our Shower

Construction on the clinic building

Completed! This was taken in Dec 2006!

The other main project was getting water to flow from a spring 2.5 Km away with only a 30 foot drop in elevation!
Church was under the trees then. This little girl is bringing her offering!

It wasn't all work either!

We were there from Mid June to Mid September 2006. The next entry will continue our

First Year in Review

We want to welcome you to our blog which we are hoping will enable us to communicate even better with you all! We of course are just learning how it all works so bear with us!


Jasper Naomi said...

Dear Dad and MaShelley, what a wonderful overview of the first of many years of service, Lord-willing, in Angola! The pictures and designs are impressive! I love you both and miss you so much!

Anonymous said...

Good post.