Family Reunion(The People) - August 2008

August 8-15, 2008 we had a Foster Family Reunion to celebrate the 60th Wedding Anniversary of our parents Bob and Belva Foster, at Castleburn Farm, Underburg, SA

Back row: Peter, Shelley, Rob, Rebecca, Olivia, Ari, Heather, Jeffrey, Stirling, Donna, Tonya, Daniel, Sara, Helena, Cara, Stuart, Luke.

Mid row: Peggy, Stephen, Grandma, Meghan, Grandpa, Sharon, Sheila, Sindia

Sitting on grass: Lucas, Gabriel

All the siblings present at the Reunion.
From left to right: Stephen, Sharon, Sheila, Stuart, Stirling, Shelley

Stephen and Peggy and all their family that was present at the Reunion.

Back row: Stephen, Peggy, Ari, Olivia, Rebecca, Rob, Heather

Front row: Lucas, Grandma, Grandpa, Gabriel

Sharon and Tonya

Sheila's Family:

Helena, Sheila, Daniel, Sara

Stuart's Family:

Luke, Sindia, Stuart, Cara

Stirling's Family:
Stirling, Jeffrey, Meghan, Donna

Peter and Shelley

The firstborns of three generations:

Stephen, Tonya and Lucas

The grandchildren present:
Cara, Heather, Tonya, Helena, Rebecca, Sara, Rob, Jeffrey
Luke, Grandma, Meghan, Grandpa, Daniel

The great-grandkids:

Lucas, Grandma, Gabriel, Grandpa, Olivia

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