Duplantis Update, Nov 16, 2011

Dear Friends,
How on earth did it get to be the middle of November already!??
We have been busy since our last update - two trips to Cavango, another week or so at Tchincombe helping out while Donna was away, time visiting family and now a trip to Namibia!
We went to Cavango for Oct 13-17 taking Dr Annelise Olsen to do medical consults and again on November 9-14 to host another medical team - Dr Steve Foster, and Dr Eduardo Ferreira.  Both trips went very well and the time there was precious.  This most recent trip we actually had quite a gathering - as Stirling, Donna and kids as well at the Ferreiras family, Gary Goertzen(the MAF pilot and friend!) and an Angolan anesthetist
came as well so we were 13 in total!  We celebrated Thanksgiving dinner a bit early, because we had promised the Ferreiras a Thanksgiving dinner at Cavango last year and then it didn't work out - so it was now or never as they return to Brazil in a few weeks.
A couple of weeks ago, my dad took quite a turn for the worse with an aspiration pneumonia and we thought he would be taken to Glory in the very near future.  As a result, my brother, Stuart and sister, Sharon, both came to visit.  It was great to have them around and Mom and Dad both really appreciated their visits!  Dad has improved alot with antibiotic treatment, but is still very frail.  We had a dinner on the 8th of November with 6 of us 7 siblings around the table!  Quite amazing!
We arrived back from Cavango at 5pm on Monday the 14th and left at 4am on the 15th for Namibia coming out in convoy with Sheila and Daniel who have come to pick up Brent and Helena.  We spent last night at a lodge just 3-4 hours from Windhoek so today our drive was much shorter!  All has gone well, though on Monday we did discover a rear axle leak on the Ford so that caused a bit of worry, but Steve had the suspected necessary spares and the car is already at the shop to be worked on tomorrow.  We trust it will not be a complicated repair and that it will continue to serve us well.
We have come to Windhoek for Peter's medical checkup and we have that appointment tomorrow morning at 9am.  We ask for wisdom and guidance for the doctor and all of us to know the best treatment to help Peter continue out of his depression.  Thank you for your prayers!
We are truly Thankful in this Thanksgiving season!  We have been so blessed in so many ways as we look over this past year despite it's apparent difficulties as we have seen His faithful provision of peace, direction, and strength.  God is GOOD!  Have a very blessed Thanksgiving too!!
Much love,
Peter and Shelley Duplantis
Advancing the Gospel in Angola, Inc.,
Field Address:
C.P. 33 Lubango, Angola via Portugal
Home Office Address and Donations:
25 Maple St.,  Addison, NY 14801 USA
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