Duplantis Update, Feb 29, 2012

Dear Friends,
We had a wonderful month out at Cavango and managed to complete the external plastering of the house!  We even had an extra day left in which Peter had the guys attach the roofing sheets to the generator house so we were very pleased to be leaving things so much improved!  It was a busy month as we had two medical teams visit for weekends and our very first car visitors from Lubango came for another weekend!  It was wonderful.  We also have been rejoicing because Peter has been feeling better recently.  The sad part was saying goodbye to our friends and colleagues out there that we won't see for several months....but we know they are, as ever, in God's very capable hands!
We left Cavango last Thurs and managed to squeeze in a much awaited beach trip this past weekend and now we are at Tchincombe having arrived yesterday from Lubango, and tomorrow we head south to Namibia with Donna.  We hope to get to Windhoek on Friday, and visit with our friends and supporters at All Nations Church in Windhoek on Sunday and then on Monday evening we leave Windhoek for Frankfurt and Tues we arrive in Charlotte, NC!  Another huge praise is the answer to a prayer request of our last update - we have been offered a car for our time in the US!  In fact I hadn't even finished sending the last update to our whole list before we got a reply!  God is good!
Mom is doing quite well.  She has times where she seems sadder and more depressed than others, but other times when she seems "ok".  When I said goodbye to her yesterday, she very deliberately squeezed my hand so it made me glad to know she does understand and care even though she can't express herself verbally.  Pray for my siblings who are in the day to day care of her as it still tiring.
We are so thankful for your love and prayers.  We are looking forward to seeing as many as we can!
Running the Race Together,
Peter and Shelley Duplantis
Advancing the Gospel in Angola, Inc
Field Address:
C.P. 33 Lubango, Angola via Portugal
Home Office Address and Donations:
25 Maple St.,  Addison, NY 14801 USA
Acct:  01002

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