Mundindi Special Report!

Special Report on Project Mundindi

Greetings from windy, dusty southwestern Angola! We are ready for the rains to come and it seems it could be any day now! The Jacaranda trees have been in bloom for a few weeks now and the old timers say that the blooms foretell of the coming rains! Of course, history is in their favor too as generally it starts raining in late September, or early October!

We are getting well under way with the foundational steps of our community health project in the area surrounding the Evangelical Medical Center of Lubango(CEML).
We have limited ourselves to just one “small” community, called Campa, - 41 houses and about 325 people – to begin with and then we will repeat the same steps in other communities including the actual community called Mundindi. There are 5-6 communities all within 5 km’s from the hospital, all anxious to have us come and work with them! So far we have just done an age and gender population survey of 100 percent of the houses in the Campa community and today we started with the actual public health survey. We plan to randomly select and survey about 30% of each community’s population to get our baseline data prior to starting our interventions! Pray for us as we also are ambassadors for Christ in these communities and want His Love to Shine to all these people more than anything else! Pray our team would work well together and show love to one another! Below are some pictures -

Maria and her youngest child
Angelina - expecting her second and painting the community doors!
The Team!
Surveying! Hoping to have an impact on these young lives!

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