Our 8th Anniversary Fishing Trip

This is Peter with his 4.5kg, 30in "corvina" in Portuguese, not sure of exact name in English but is some kind of sea trout!

This is Shelley with her 5kg, 35.5in Tuna!

Meghan, our niece also caught fish - plenty big for her!

The tuna steaks!

Meghan cleaning her catch!

As always beautiful sunsets!!


Ben said...

Hey there Peter & Shelly, long time! Ben (& Julia) here. It's great to catch up a bit on your lives out there in Lubango - it seems like such a long time ago. We were sitting at the computer, looking for CEML on google earth (found it), and I started missing it (yes, I even found the containers that I spent many a hour in). Seeing your pictures on your blog really makes us miss you two!

I'm part-way through my first year of medical school now (UBC's Island medical program in Victoria, BC), glad every day with that decision. Julia is working as a graphic artist, and generally wearing the pants & putting me through school.

Take care you two!
-Ben & Julia Martens

GaryG said...

Hey Peter & Shelley! I finally found your "blog". The pictures and comments are great. Thanks also for your e-mail updates. I am sorry we still can't respond to your e-mails. We see you are (hopefully) returning in May for 3 months. We look forward to seeing you. Until then, keep running the race. In Him!