Back in Angola

We arrived back in Angola in late January after a safe and uneventful drive across Africa from Johannesburg to Lubango! We actually entered Angola in convoy with two other 4x4 vehicles and had some "good" mud to go through about 5 mins into Angola! We all made it without getting stuck! Check out Brent Mudde's video on Facebook if you want to see footage.

Since being back, we have been primarily preparing for our move to Cavango, a mission station that was destroyed during the war that is located in central Angola. A clinic building has been rebuilt there - in fact if you look at our first blog entries you can see some pictures of that process as we were asked to help out with that reconstruction. Now we have been asked to live there permanently and build "our" house there, helping out with community development, primary health care and church work. The "job" is far bigger than either of us, but God is not intimidated by it! Pray for us to have His same Passion for those who don't know HIM!

We took a trip to Cavango in early Feb to be introduced to the people and the local government - we drove 12 hours there one day, had a day at Cavango, and then drove 13hours back to Lubango. It's is only 300 miles away! We had a few problems with the car and a few miracles to fix them so all we could say is the road is bad, but God is Good!

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