The Buy a Brick Campaign!!

Probably most of you who have seen or spoken to us know that we are burdened with the need to raise funds to build medical staff housing at the CEML(the Evangelical Medical Center where we are based from in Angola). The CEML is a busy full-scale hospital that currently has only one fulltime physician. We get help from many short-term MD's and students, but no one has come fulltime to stay for more than a month! Our one fulltime physician has been uncomplaining and tireless in his efforts to keep the hospital running, but...... we NEED more fulltime physicians! He will run out of gas eventually! BUT we have a catch twenty-two here in that if we were to get more physicians - we have nowhere to house them!! So what we really need is more housing and to borrow a famous line from Kevin Costner, if we "build it they will come"!

So we are part of Advancing the Gospel in Angola's "Buy a Brick, Build a Home, Bring more Doctors to Angola" Campaign. If you would like to know more about this please contact us at the above email or phone or visit our website by clicking on the hopeforangola link above!
This is a picture of the CEML campus
This is the outpatient dept. with pt's waiting to be seen.

This is a photo of typical construction in Angola

Below is a "good" quality home in Lubango - still no electricity or consistent water and would rent for $1000 per month. Not really appropriate housing for the long haul!!

Please won't you consider being a part of the cure for the many helpless and needy folk who live in Angola with next to no healthcare by contributing to this building fund and allowing us to provide adequate housing for those who feel called to help out by donating their personal skills and life! Click on the link to Hopeforangola and join the team!!(fully tax deductible)

Psalm 127: 1 "Unless the Lord builds the house, it's builder's labor in vain."

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