Cavango - Some Before's & Beginnings of the house site!

Well, we have been for two 1-week long stays at Cavango and have been able to get some men to start cleaning up the old foundation upon which we will build our house. A team from the US is coming in July-August to do the building, but the slab has to be ready when they arrive! We have also planted some citrus trees and started cleaning the whole yard and fenced a garden area - so it's starting to like something more than a a pile of brush!! Thanks for your prayers on our behalf!
This is the site of the house - just looks like a pile of brush - Where's the house??
Above is the start to the water pipe trench
Below is one of our newly planted citrus trees
Below is after one week of work - there is a foundation and a decent floor still there!
Below is the original water tank for the house - it still is water-tight!

Above is the "back-yard" and the fenced area is where we will have our garden

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Such an impressive beginning! I am struck by the juxtaposition of the ruins and the new foundation in the photo. There in the background, stand the ruins, the stark reminder of the past, and then, in the foreground, the new foundation: what a powerful picture of Jesus' redeeming work in our lives and the gift of hope for the future! God bless! We would love to come and see you in Cavango one day.

Peggy and Trevor