The New House in Process!

Bella is now 9 months old!

Well the new house is underway! The team was delayed until late September, and the containers of materials had their own delays, but God has worked the miracle of having team and containers all arrive at Cavango at the same time! We have had a wonderful two weeks with the team - an encouragement to us in every way! Below are some pics of the building progression. It is just amazing! Well - annoyingly blogger loads ones photos in reverse order - so you will have to start from the bottom and go up to see the progression! Sorry, I don't have time to rearrange them all!

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lisa said...

Awesome pics. How great is our God! Can't wait to see more detailed pics later on. Home is a wonderful place. Bella is so cute. We miss you guys and are praying! Getting ready for work so I gotta go. May you continue to walk in His might grip and blessings.
Lisa F