Back in Cavango!

We made it safely home to Cavango exactly one month ago today!! We arrived with visitors and this weekend we have 9 more visitors coming! It's basically feast or famine as the visitors usually accompany the visiting missionary doctors that pay the clinic a monthly visit!
This month we have done a lot of work on the house - particularly the kitchen cabinet bases, and we put formica on the bathroom sink cabinets. I say "we", but it is mostly Peter, with me as chief assistant!
We've made some good contacts with the local and municipal government officials in this past month and we are getting into a bit of a routine on the mission itself. I have enjoyed the weekly ladies meeting at church on Weds mornings and have started teaching them how to do hand-sewing! Today we had over 40 ladies - all sewing - it was quite the circle!! The Clinic has not needed my help lately as both the senior Angolan nurses have been here to "man" it. We still need many more patients to make it financially viable, so that is a prayer request. We have received local and municipal government approval of the idea of developing campsites here - so that is also a need for prayer - for the capital to get started!!
I'm going to upload this to the blog already and then add some pictures a bit later!! Thanks for reading!

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Janice said...

Enjoyed reading about your ministry. Not sure if you remember us or not. My husband, Rich new Peter from Wesley Long Hospital. We attended Westover Church for well over 25 years when we lived in Greensboro.Praying for God's continued blessings on your ministry. Janice Thompson