Duplantis Update, Dec 13, 2011

Dear Friends!
Another month has flown by - another month in which we have seen the Lord's gracious and loving hands upon us. 
First of all, thank you for your prayers on behalf of Peter's medical check-up in Windhoek last month.  The doctor was encouraged and encouraging and Peter has continued to improve since then also.  These last few days he has felt almost back to "normal"!  We are so grateful!   Peter has also just started taking some one-on-one Portuguese classes and is enjoying them.  He even has homework to do! 
We are in the throes of renewing our visas - yes, it seems we can't get through a year without talking about visas!  We had everything ready that they had told us was necessary, but then yesterday we found out that three more things had been added to the list!  So we have been scurrying about trying to get these three things because it is all supposed to be turned in by tomorrow!  Pray that once all is turned in that the renewal process would not be too long as we would like to have our passports in hand by March as we are due to come on furlough in March. 
Yes, our furlough is just around the corner!  By March, it will have been two years since we were in the US, so it is time to come visit and be refreshed.  We have booked tickets to arrive in the US on March the 6th and we plan to stay until early July.  Obviously, these are just plans and the Lord will direct our steps as He sees fit!  Please let us know when it would be best to visit you, if you are outside the Greensboro, NC area, and we will try to outline a plan.  We plan to stay at 1824 New Bedford Dr in Greensboro when we are not traveling so hopefully we can connect with most of you Greensboro folk while we are there!
Mom and Dad are stable in their rather fragile state.  Dad recovered from his pneumonia of end of October, but has a more and more difficult time talking.  Please write to him via Peggy Foster at peggy@fosterangola.ca and she will print emails for him as he really cannot use his computer anymore or talk.  He and Mom still love to get notes and letters, however, so please write!
We are in Lubango for the next couple of weeks to help care for Mom and Dad over Christmas originally in the planned absence of Steve and Peggy, but they have not received their residency cards yet so unless a miracle occurs they will not be able to travel as planned.  It has been very disappointing for them, but they are trusting that the Lord has the perfect plan for them in all this.  If Peter is still doing well over the next couple of weeks we hope to be able to go to Cavango in the New Year. 
The end of the year also brings to mind finances as we all want to end the year in the "black" as they say!  We are currently about $6000 in the red in our ministry account.  We basically have about a $500/month need for ministry funds that has never been pledged and we have just worked on in faith that it will come in.  Each year it has and we are thankful to the many of you who respond to God's nudging.  Please consider whether you could join the regular donors to help meet this need up front, or whether you could help us with a year-end donation to cover the deficit.  Thank you to all of you who support us so faithfully!  
As you all anticipate the New Year - with all of it's unknowns and possible anxieties this is a verse that has held us as we have waited...."Since ancient times no one has heard, no ear has perceived, no eye has seen any God besides you, who acts on behalf of those who wait (emphasis added)for him." Isaiah 64:4 
May you all be full of His Joy and Peace!
Peter and Shelley Duplantis
Advancing the Gospel in Angola, Inc
Field Address:
C.P. 33 Lubango, Angola via Portugal
Home Office Address and Donations:
25 Maple St.,  Addison, NY 14801 USA
Acct:  01002
Website: www.hopeforangola.org  (can donate online at the "just give" icon)

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Jasper said...

Good to hear from you! any photos, more, that you can post on the blog? love you! - Jasper Naomi