Dupantis Update, Jan 8, 2012

Dear Faithful Friends,
We had  wonderful Christmas and New Year's celebrations with many friends and family around us.  Dad and Mom participated to the extent of their abilities through the holidays themselves, but during the night of the 31st Dad started slipping downhill physically and was very weak on the 1st and by the morning of the 2nd could no longer get out of bed.  During the night of the 2nd I was called to his bedside because his breathing was very rapid and labored.  I assisted him to a better position but he found no relief.  I then awoke Steve, and had him come to see Dad as well.  We felt the end was imminent and thus called Sheila to come from across town and Stirling who had come in to town from the farm due to Dad's rapid decline and we spent the rest of the night at his side - praying and reading scripture fairly certain that he would be called Home any minute.  Somehow, he is still here physically though he is less and less responsive as the days have gone by, has taken nothing to eat since Monday and not even ice chips since yesterday morning.  We(Steve & Peg, Stir & Donna, Sheila and Peter and I), have all spent the week here in Lubango never far from his side - turning him hourly and trying ice chips, putting in eye drops and massaging with lotion, reading and praying and sometimes just sitting at his side.  Everyday we are "sure" he can't physically make another day, but so far he is still here, giving me a more real understanding of the "cords of death" and "the anguish of the grave" from Psalm 116:3 - Dad's favorite Psalm.  Later in the same Psalm the writer says, "precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints" and we know this to be true, we just keep praying that the Lord will take him soon to His Rest where Dad will be "freed from his chains" Psalm 116:15-16.
It has been a week of lots of tears and hugs and precious time together as siblings as we have continued mourning the slow loss of our beloved Dad.  We know so many of you love him too and are praying for us all at this time and we cannot thank you enough.  We will send out another update as soon as we can when Dad goes Home.  Pray for Mom too,especially.  She can't express her grief per se, but seems to understand that things are not "right" as she has been more frustrated and frustrating in the last couple of days.  Pray too, for all the details of the funeral when it does actually happen, the safe travel of many who will come to the funeral, the rest of our plans and lives that are currently "on hold" and that God's Glory would SHINE in everything!
Blessed be the Name of the Lord!
Peter and Shelley Duplantis

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